We love learning and inspiring confidence in you! 

Joseph means... he will add and increase. Like all good businesses we want to add value and solve problems. Our team have over 20 years of experience in bespoke interiors and high end property renovations, alongside 15 years of working alongside those in recovery. As a team we also have our own creative and recovery journeys to draw from when sharing knowledge with others.


We currently have no courses running for non-volunteers at present, however we will update you as soon as a new one begins!

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volunteers coaching + mentoring

We learn in community, whether professional skill coaching or mentoring through addiction or mental health recovery challenges, we walk that same path of learning and growing together. We are linked with CCM (Crisis Centre Ministries) who refer our volunteers. If you complete CCM’s Life skills course or attend their Life Recovery Group, you can speak to CCM staff to refer you. You will need to be stable enough in your recovery to work 10am-3pm days. For those able to engage with on site furniture fitting, there may be early mornings.

We offer...

  • ‘Maker change’ programme promotes the balance of mind, body, spirit.

  • MIND - Wood working skills, vocational skills, problem solving skills are honed via our making our furniture products,

  • BODY - physical well being can be improved not just by woodwork but by our RENEW weekly all over body work out sessions.

  • SPIRIT - You can also include prayer, meditation, and/or being in nature, should you wish.

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classes + courses 


Get hands on and creative through design and build in a real workshop

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  • Nathaniel Joseph’s design + build course - For beginners, intermediates, or advanced in interior projects. Learn to design + build your own product or that long awaited project you've wanted to make in your home. NJ will take you through the process step by step to complete your dream piece. These can be private evening lessons, or a group booking. Each course is 6 sessions.

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0117 955 3002