visualize a mixed bag of nuts.....thats us...

Nat Palmer   co founder + managing director

Nat Palmer

co founder + managing director

code name: Archi

  • main skill: dreaming

  • worst skill: being still

  • fave Designer: Zaha Hadid

“I was brought up in the industry. My father was a property developer and my mother was an interior designer and a super mum, so I learnt first hand about the different life skills, trades and designs that would go into creating dream living spaces. My love for creating, making and designing things therefore started at a very early age. I was known as the dreamer at school and have been blessed to have found a way to make a living dreaming ideas into reality. I eventually decided I wanted to focus on furniture design and making, trained in Design and Production and soon after qualifying in 1995 It was then that Nathaniel Joseph Furniture was born. Ive worked in the industry for 20 years and still have a love and passion to design and problem solve. The past 3 years I've mainly focused on setting up Joseph Studios to be a place of enterprise and coaching. My love is encouraging others to find there hidden strengths and follow there passions.

Along the way enjoyed the Influenced of architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid as well as the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

Malcolm Bourne   co founder + director

Malcolm Bourne

co founder + director

Code name: Barri

  • main skill: tetris

  • worst skill: fly fishing

  • fave Designer: Noah

Following a number of years working in property development and as a freelance artist in West London, Malcolm made the move to Bristol to be with the love of his life, Lucy. He soon set up a small building business based in Redland and joined the ‘Leeky Gallery’ in ‘BS8’ on Park Street as a resident artist, becoming part of their collective. It was at one of the ‘Leeky’ exhibitions that he reconnected with childhood friend Nathan and it wasn't long before they were scheming together. With a passion to invest in people and offer opportunities to those who often don’t get a chance, they partnered with a number of social enterprises looking at job creation schemes. For the next four years they learnt the ups and downs of mixing business with social enterprise, using the building trade to train and employ those struggling with long-term unemployment.

Their workshop in Barton Hill was quickly becoming a hub for more creative projects. It wasn't long before Malcolm and Nathan decided this is where people could be trained up to problem solve, design and produce awesome products! The Joseph Studios dream had been conceived!

Malcolm loves being silly with his 3 children, sketching in biro, making poached eggs on toast and pulling his socks up as high as possible.

Ant Newman   Designer + Community manager

Ant Newman

Designer + Community manager

Kerrian Steadman   Production team leader

Kerrian Steadman

Production team leader

  • Code name: Richi

  • main skill: break dancing

  • worst skill: baking

  • fave Designer: Joseph Walsh

Ant grew up drawing all sorts of nonsense pictures since he was a kiddy wink back in the 80s. As a youth he studied Art & Design up to BTEC level then gaining a BA Hons degree in Design Animation. After a brief stint in the Television industry, and following an interesting epiphany, he side stepped to his passion in social action work with various youth, homeless, addiction and mental health services. After 15yrs in this recovery world Ant now trains voluntary, charity and faith groups in Bristol working with those in addiction recovery.

Joining Joseph Studios in 2015 he is now able to marry his passion for design, honing his creative roots into wood working, alongside coaching local people in recovery from addiction and mental health. When he’s not doing this, he’s busy running a community house of 9, in the music studio cooking up classics or surfing the Devonshire coast.

  • code name: Sidney

  • main skill: sniffing timber

  • worst skill: knitting

  • fave Designer: daddy pig

With a long history of carpentry, woodwork and fitting interiors, Kerrian is the latest talent to join the Joseph studio team. Whether it’s fitting system K furniture on site or building in the studio, Kerrian can whip up a kitchen unit in no time.

After a hard days work you may spot him bombing down a local track somewhere on his mountain bike at incomprehensible speeds.