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Who are we?

JS4D are a creative solutions team for community-led living environments. This can be anything from housing, maker-spaces or shared work spaces. We specialise in maximising community spaces to become fully functioning hubs of holistic community life, where work, rest and play facilitate inter-dependent communities to co-exist, collaborate, create and thrive. Helping to build caring and resilient communities is our priority and predicates our design process. Whether it’s a wasted inner city interior renovated into a youth centre, seasonal student accommodation converted into multi spaces to maximise use during quiet periods, or modular living pods linked to a family network for those affected by isolation and homelessness, we aim to find solutions by thinking in 4D.

What’s our vision?

Our vision is to support social reform and transformation. Every community is loaded with leaders and assets that can be the solution to their community’s own unique social, vocational, health and financial challenges. We involve these community leaders in the design process to affect relevant positive change.


We create, research, prototype, test and deliver reimagined spaces


We employ, train and up-skill a local workforce to assemble and make.


We coach local people with creative problem solving, recovery & resilience skills, design and build skills.

We use as much sustainable, locally sourced and recycled material as possible.

Contact us for a unique designs and solutions

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